Shimari Project

21-Nov-2004 Milestone two contains a series of updates to the fxtp and irc applications, fixes bugs in the Config module, and contains a slight refactoring of the Profiler module.

24-Feb-2004 Milestone one implements the component configuration management of the Shimari enclosure: A system for loading and linking light weight Java components into a flexible, deployable application. It is similar to the Apache Digester tool, but different in that control over object construction remains with the class constructor, rather than with an XML file. In addition, it provides a means for components to resolve one another after loading, similar to the way that an EJB constructs itself. However, a shimari is a simple, light weight thing--it does not include the heavy weight services (and complexity) of a J2EE installation.

Milestone one is reliable and tested, and ships with a working production grade sample application. The sample application is an IRC bot framework along with a working bot built with the framework--an IRC interface Foresight Exchange: an online trading game where you bet your reputation on your ability to predict future events.